Music Production

Rather than calling me a ‘music producer’, think of me more as a friendly face who will walk you through the making of your recording project step by step. I’ve learned the process of music production by making hundreds of recordings, so I can help you to avoid expensive mistakes, keep your project focused and within budget.

Whether you are coming to me to simply record the songs you have written and rehearsed, or whether you are starting from scratch and want help with all aspects of the process, I’m here to support your efforts. I can help with everything from songwriting and programming to capturing all performances and am often asked to add my own performances to the mix.

If I don’t feel I can make a valuable contribution to your project I will not take it on. If I DO take on your project, then you will have my full focus and the benefit of more than 30 years of my experience in the music business.

What I offer at London Music Producer:

  • I’m highly experienced in both analog and digital recording and can move with ease between the two formats.  I’m aware of some very basic mistakes that can ruin digital recordings (ANY recording where analog sound is transferred into the digital domain) and will be on hand to make sure you avoid them.
  • I have many contacts in the recording business and can arrange for affordable studio time in both large and small studios in most places in the world.
  • London Music Producer has an account with FX rentals, who supply thousands of pieces of recording gear, microphones and instruments to music producers in London and the outskirts.  They stock both modern and vintage gear and I’m happy to pass on my trade discount of 25% to you as part of your booking with us.
  • I can work one-on-one with solo artists and will happily work with a full band.
  • In some cases I will provide a highly skilled assistant engineer and/or digital editor for some stages of your project.

Our Happy Clients