London Music Producer | Keyboard Corner

In our keyboard corner are a variety of vintage analog keyboards and modules, including a Roland Juno 106, Roland JD800, Roland JV 1080 EXYamaha DX7 MkIIFD, Kurzweil K2500X and K2500R, Moog Prodigy, Korg MS2000R, Novation Bass StationOberheim Matrix 1000, EMU Vintage Keys, Roland SH-101Fender Rhodes Stage 88Nord Stage 2 EX88, and the Access Virus Ti2 Keyboard.

These hardware units are all still very much integral to our productions, especially at a time when everyone’s using exactly the same plug-ins. We want to make sure that you have the opportunity to sound original and authentic if you want to. Nothing sounds like the full fat original versions of these synths, additionally, if you’re not familiar with some of the sonic ‘secret weapons’ contained in their circuitry, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised!

There’s no need to say how good an original Fender Rhodes sounds in a music production – either for pure retro goodness, authentic soulful vibes or both!

In the vocal booth we have a Weber upright acoustic piano, which has a lovely tone and is used from time to time (believe it or not) on our more acoustic productions!

If you decide to go the plugin route, rest assured that there’s a huge range of virtual instruments on board. Arturia‘s CS-80V, Minimoog V, Arp 2600V, Prophet V, Jupiter 8V, Moogmodular V for the vintage synth flavour and quirkiness, MOTU‘s Machfive 3 software sampler for cutting edge sample sets, easily importing EXS, Halion, Kontakt and other sampler setups, plus a full complement of Logic’s onboard synths for the buzzy, lo-fi sounds so popular in dance music and semi-pro pop productions.